Can You Practice Real World Skills In Lucid Dreams?

This is one of the most common questions we get from our students at Dream Hacking.

Although lucid dreams can be a great source of fun adventures and activities, they can also be powerful tools to fuel your personal life development.

It almost sounds too good to be true to a lot of people who are learning how to lucid dream or are considering learning.

When asked, we always reference reliable research.

There’s an interesting article in the Harvard Business Review where they tested the effectiveness of practicing physical skills in real life versus in a lucid dream.

The physical activity they chose to test was the ability to toss coins into a cup from a distance of 2 meters.

The gist of the study was that practicing while awake produced the most improvement. However, training in lucid dreams was also a very effective way to train.

Participants who only practiced while awake saw a 15% increase in improvement. Participants who only practiced in their lucid dreams saw an 8% increase in improvement, and the control group that didn’t practice only saw a 0.5% improvement.

You can check out the full article here.

Dr. Stephen LaBerge, the modern pioneer of lucid dreaming,  has also discussed research from Stanford that found when participants performed an activity in their lucid dreams (e.g. sing, run, have sex), the same neurons in their body and mind responded as if they were actually performing the activity.

Therefore lucid dreaming can be an effective way to practice for physical skills such as playing sports or playing an instrument.

Think of lucid dreaming as the ultimate virtual reality simulator.

You can practice different moves and techniques or rehearse high pressure situations while you sleep!

However, It is more helpful if you have some previous experience performing these skills while awake.

For example, if you've never played tennis before, we don't recommend you practice for Wimbledon solely in your lucid dreams.

Although lucid dreaming can be a cool way to practice when you are busy during the day, we wouldn't recommend only using lucid dreaming to practice. You should also practice while awake.

We sincerely hope you get the chance to practice your current skills or develop new skills in your own lucid dreams! It's often said to be a very surreal experience.

In our online video lucid dream training program called How To Lucid Dream In 30 Days or Less, we cover the exact step by step method on how to practice physical skills in your lucid dreams.

We also go over how to become lucid on demand, how to maintain lucidity, and we also show you the steps to do other cool things in your dreams such as flying, creative problem solving, and overcoming fears/anxieties.

We'll leave you with an inspiring story from one of the most popular Dream Hackers of our time...

 “I only trained with [John Smith - World Wrestling Legend: 2-time Gold Medalist, 4-Time World Champion] 45-60 minutes per night
while I was lucid dreaming.

I went on to have my best career season, which culminated with a more than 20-0 record before the national championships…

I’ve since used lucid dreaming to accelerate skill acquisition, reactivate forgotten languages in less time, cultivate zen-like present state awareness and decrease needless stress.”


Tim Ferriss
Entrepreneur | Author | #1 NYT Bestseller

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