By Not Lucid Dreaming You’re Wasting Over One Month (40 Days) Every Year

first lucid dream

This New Year, Please Don’t Waste Those 40 Days Again.

Did you know, on average, dreaming accounts for 11% of your entire day?

Out of 365 days, that’s 40 DAYS!

And if you don’t lucid dream, that’s 40 days WASTED!

Why wasted?

Well if you knew how to lucid dream, you could have spent those 40 days “awake” in your dreams…

Flying at super speeds, solving your real-life problems, interacting with celebrities however you want, building play cities that you return to every night, creating music… the possibilities are endless.

Instead, you just slept through it all last year. Why? Because you didn’t invest the time in learning how to lucid dream.

40 days is A LOT of time to waste. That’s just over one month every year. Imagine, 1 month out of 12 months every year… gone.

Let’s not let it happen this year. Make a commitment right now, to get this skill down.

Anyone can learn it and it’s not hard at all.

In fact, if my 76 year old grandma can do it, so can you!

Truth is, learning how to lucid dream used to take YEARS to learn…

But not anymore.

We’ve hacked the system of dream control. Hence, the name “Dream Hacking”!

Most people try to lucid dream through some ‘technique’ they found on the internet or through someone they know.

Most of the time, these don’t work and even if they do, you’re lucid dreams aren’t going to be CONSISTENT.

You want to have lucid dreams all the time! Not just randomly or by chance.

In order to do that, you need to apply the appropriate actions, in a specific order.

You see, we’ve identified 4 key phases of lucid dream induction. Together, these 4 phases make up the “Dream Hacking” System of Lucid Dream Induction.

Phase 1 is The Core Foundations of Lucid Dream Induction.

Phase 2 is The Most Effective Lucid Dream Evoking Techniques

Phase 3 is Applying The Art of Dream Control

Phase 4 is Leveraging Supplements for Consistent Lucid Dreams

We have created training program to guide you through all 4 phases over the course of just a few weeks.

This year, we promise you, if you spend 15 minutes a day for the next 30 days practicing the Dream Hacking system of lucid dream induction…

You will have your first lucid dream and you will know how to keep having them over and over and over and over. Guaranteed.

If you don’t, email us and we’ll personally help you out.

If you don’t want to waste another 40 days this year, all you have to do is join over 1,400 (and counting) other dreamers and enroll in Dream Hacking’s online lucid dreaming video course today.

By enrolling in the course, you will get access to:

  • Over 63 lectures and 6.5 hours of video content
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  • And much, much more…

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Keep in mind that once you learn how to lucid dream, you can't unlearn it - it's like riding a bicycle!

Which means your one time investment of less than $50 = your lifetime ability to control your dreams and not waste 40 days this year, 80 days by next year, 120 days by the year after.

In fact, we're so confident in the Dream Hacking system of dream control...

If for some reason you don't experience a lucid dream within the first 30 days of practicing the principles in this course, you can ask us for a refund and we'll give you 100% of your money back.

No questions asked.

We just took on all your risk - now you have nothing to lose!

Now is the time to start exploring your dream world, to start discovering the hidden universe inside your mind.

Don't sleep through this opportunity...

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Until next time,

Sweet dreams!