Lucid Dreaming May Just Be The Most Powerful Yet Fun Self-Improvement Hack

The Power of Lucid Dreaming: A #1 Self-Improvement Tool?

I’ve always been into self-improvement. I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t reading a nonfiction book about psychology, business, leadership, marketing, spirituality, or something else.

Yet when I first heard of lucid dreaming from Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan, and other credible people, I knew there was something about it that could be life changing. 

Slowly, memories of friends telling me about their ‘weird but fun’ dream experiences started to prop up in my mind.

Growing up, I had encountered several instances where a good friend would tell me about how he ‘woke up in his dream’ where he ‘knew he was dreaming and everything felt extremely real’ and how he ‘flew over the city’ and it was the best feeling of his life!

Personally, unlike some of my friends, I was never lucky enough to be the one out of three people in the world who ‘naturally’ and randomly have lucid dreams.

Growing up, the closest I had gotten to lucid dreaming was getting to the point where I’d realize I was in a dream and out of excitement or fear, I’d wake up in my bed!

Little did I know, if I calmed myself down by applying some simple ‘dream stabilization’ techniques, I would have successfully ventured into the land of unlimited possibilities.

The Art & Science of Venturing Into The Land of Unlimited Possibilities

Most people look at lucid dreaming as some new age concept. Kind of like how meditation was perceived before the 21st century…

And just like with meditation, science is bringing new light to what Buddhist monks have known for thousands of years:

We have the capability to escape into an entirely new universe every night. A universe where we can not only play, but also evolve ourselves on many levels.

Want to know how lucid dreaming was first scientifically proven? Click here to find out. +

In the late 1970s, researchers used sleep study machines to track eye movement of people who were dreaming. That’s when Dr. Keith Hearn came up with a plan that scientifically proved that lucid dreaming was real. Him and a subject decided on a very specific eye movement pattern that they agreed the subject would do once he was asleep and lucid dreaming. When he fell asleep and with the use of the eye movement machines, it was confirmed that the subject was indeed ‘awake’ while asleep, and that he was lucid dreaming.

Since Dr. Keith Hearne proved that lucid dreaming was a real phenomenon, there have been numerous studies that have used EEG and fMRI data to confirm lucid dreaming to be a verifiable state of human consciousness.

Today, it’s becoming more and more evident that the world is waking up and recognizing the art and science behind lucid dreaming.

For example, just a year after Tim wrote that blog post, a 30+ award winning movie based on lucid dreaming hit the theatres…

If you haven’t seen Inception yet, it’s a must-watch. Mind-bending doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Inception in my opinion, was a movie that brought the idea of lucid dreaming to the mainstream.

Today, if I mention ‘lucid dreaming’ and mention Inception, people somewhat have an idea of what lucid dreaming is…

What most people don’t know is how Chris Nolan, award winning director of Inception, is a lucid dreamer himself. So is Leonardo DeCaprio, the lead actor in the movie.

Speaking of famous people who lucid dream, did you know that James Cameron, Albert Einstein, Stephen King, Thomas Edison, Salvador Dali, and Richard Feynmen are also said to have leveraged their lucid dreams to achieve their many successes in life?

(More on lucid dreaming and success later…)

But yes, that’s also usually how I begin explaining lucid dreaming – with the mention of the movie Inception.

‘Think about this’, I say, right now you dream ‘by default.’ And everyone dreams by the way, whether you remember your dreams or not.

Right now you let your dreams take their own course, with you having zero control. In fact, it’s probably all a bit hazy or even blank – most of the time you just remember snippets of your dream, if you try.

What if I told you that the 1/3 of your life that you’re spending sleeping away, in unawareness, can be used to be productive, to have fun, and to take the quality of your life to another level?

You see, lucid dreaming is the art of developing awareness in your dream. When you realize you’re dreaming, your dream reality becomes much clearer. Colors come to life.

It’s similar to as if you switch from 360px SD quality to 4K Ultra HD quality. Everything becomes crystal clear. Everything feels ‘real’. And for the first 30 seconds you’re in awe and usually doubting how something that feels so real can actually be a dream.

In fact, it feels so real that in order to put your doubts to rest that it is not real life, there are special tricks called “reality checks” you can do to actually confirm that it is a dream!

The term “lucid” itself, means clarity. With enhanced clarity, and with the confirmation and awareness of the fact that you’re awake in your dream, you realize that this is YOUR platform for creation.

That’s one of the best feelings in the world. In that moment, you become the most powerful person in the world (in your world). There are no rules here. You make the rules. Anything is possible. And naturally, like a child that steps into his or her favorite playground, you’re ecstatic!

And that’s when your “Dream Control Adventures” begins…

Dream Control Adventures: Discovering the Universe Inside Your Mind Through Lucid Dreaming

By this point, I’m usually asked to describe different kind of “Dream Control Adventures”.

Well, here’s where things just get amazing…

I like dividing this idea into 2 categories – the Fun Adventures, and the Growth Adventures.

Although, they’re not mutually exclusive. Some lucid dream experiences are both fun AND can fuel your growth.

But for the sake of conceptualizing, it’s easier to put different activities into the ‘fun’ and ‘growth’ categories.

The Fun Adventures is what you’ll find yourself partaking in from your very first lucid dream. This is where you do the fun stuff that you just can’t hold yourself back from trying…

Like flying, of course.

Like visiting other planets. Or conversing and interacting with your characters in your dream. Or teleporting. Or swimming deep in the ocean, or reliving the best memories of your life!

The possibilities are endless.

Remember, everything feels just as ‘real’ as real life!

There’s also one other incentive that many people have for lucid dreaming, that isn’t something everyone’s eager to share, but I feel like it must be said…

And that’s creating your own sexual experiences.

Think about it, you’re in a place where you can summon anyone you want. You’re in a private place of no judgement, where you can live out your sexual fantasies, whatever they may be…

Where everything feels, smells, tastes, looks, and sounds just like it does in real life!

If you weren’t thinking it already, now you are.

Hint: Who’s your celebrity crush?

Next, let’s talk about your Growth Adventures.

The Growth Adventures: Where Self-Improvement Meets Lucid Dreaming

These are even better (in my opinion) applications of lucid dreaming.

Personally, I spend the first half of my lucid dreams flying, and the second half on self-improvement.

For example, one of my favorite applications of lucid dreaming is to improve real life skills.

What skills do you want to refine or even start learning?

For example, do you want to become a better public speaker? Do you want to overcome your fear of getting up in front of large audiences?

If you’re just getting started with public speaking, you can create your own dream audience and start giving speeches.

If you’re already delivering presentations and speeches, you can rehearse, practice, and perfect them in your dreams… (all while you’re sleeping!)

I still remember when I first tried to speak in front of an audience I created in my dreams…

They all pointed and laughed!! I remember running off stage!

Weird huh? I got booed off stage in my own dream!

Well, that’s another amazing thing about lucid dreams…

The dream world is a place where your deep beliefs show you their true identity.

I clearly believed that I didn’t have anything worthy to share, or that before I even speak, I’ll be judged negatively by an audience. The true cause of my fear of public speaking made itself known to me.

Clearing myself of such useless limiting beliefs has been invaluable to me.

We all have limiting beliefs hidden deep within us. Most of us find it difficult to identify them even if we tried because they live in our subconscious mind, silently governing our lives…

Making us think we’re in control when we’re really not.

But in a lucid dream you’re interacting directly with your subconscious mind, the source of creativity itself. Your critical, logical mind isn’t there to interject.

Which opens up doors to gain extraordinary insights into your life.

Do you have a pressing problem in your work life? In your home life that you need to figure out?

Do you need to come up with a creative solution for a project you’re working on?

Do you want to know where your passion lies? What your purpose is?

Your dreams are the perfect platform for which your mind can serve you with life-changing ideas and answers.

In 1965, Paul McCartney from the legendary pop group The Beatles composed the entire melody for the hit acoustic song Yesterday in a dream.

Similarly, the father of quantum mechanics, Niels Bohr, often mentioned the inspirational dream that gave him his most revolutionary discovery of the structure of the atom.

Even Albert Einstein credits many of his incredible insights to his dreams. In fact, there’s an entire book called Einstein’s Dreams which highlights stories of his dreams in 1905, during the time of his many breakthrough discoveries.

Clearly, we all have incredible insights and creativity buried deep within the closets our mind. Lucid dreaming gives us the ability to step inside and take what we need.

Others use lucid dreams to deal with PTSD.

One of my favorite applications is to use lucid dreams for visualization.

Professional athletes use visualization to imagine exactly how they want games to play out and to literally practice their skills that they want to become better at.

Today, there are many celebrities and successful people who have talked about the power of visualization and how it has helped them achieve their goals.

A dream environment is the perfect place to visualize what success will look like for you, and watch it play out in real life.

Honestly, I still find it hard to believe that I can do all of this while I’m sleeping!

I’m huge on productivity, and lucid dreaming is like giving yourself more undisturbed time in your day to make progress in what’s important.

By the way in case you’re wondering, lucid dreaming doesn’t take away from the quality of your sleep. In fact, it improves it! After a lucid dreaming experience, most report waking up feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated.

By now, just like I was when I first learned about the power of lucid dreaming, I’m certain you too have realized that lucid dreaming is an ability that MUST be learned.

It’s way too awesome of an ability, especially for self-improvement enthusiasts like you and me, to just ignore and forget about…

Especially if it can be learned in 30 days or less.

Waking Up To Your Dreams: How to Lucid Dream in 30 Days or Less

That’s right – you can have get this ability down within the next 30 days.

Allow me to explain.

Like you, when I discovered the amazing benefits of lucid dreaming…

There was one question on my mind:

How can I start lucid dreaming ASAP!?!

If you’re wondering the same thing, I have good news and bad news for you…

The good news is that there are highly credible resources for you to begin learning how to lucid dream.

Dr. Stephen LaBerge, pioneer of lucid dreaming research and creator of The Lucidity Institute, wrote a detailed book called Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming.

Dr. Stephen LaBerge

Another great book is by Robert Waggoner called Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self.

And there are a few more great books out there on lucid dreaming that you can get and start studying.

But if you’re like me, you want credible information but don’t want to study and dig through hundreds and hundreds of pages of information to find the scattered applicable bits of insight.

You want practical step-by-step techniques on how to lucid dream in the least time possible.

Which brings us to the bad news…

These books, as reliable as they are, they don’t explain how to lucid dream practically. They don’t lay it all out in a step-by-step manner.

At this point, you probably don’t care about the history of lucid dreaming. You don’t care about scientific facts about lucid dreaming. You don’t want to do the work to figure out what tips are outdated and which are relevant.

You just want the clear roadmap.

That’s what I wanted years ago when I wanted to learn how to lucid dream…

But unlike you, I had no choice and I HAD to read through thousands of pages to figure out the perfect roadmap.

There was nothing and no one out there who could give me what I wanted. There were just books and one-off articles from random ‘gurus’ but I couldn’t rely on their credibility, which was important to me.

I spent over a year doing extensive research, and extracting all the golden nuggets from every trustworthy resource.

The whole time I was thinking ‘How can I hack this ability?’.

By “hack” I mean, finding the best way to lucid dream consistently with the least amount of time and effort exerted.

It was a tireless process of eliminating the crap and keeping the high quality strategies that worked…

But I was obsessed.

By the end of it all, I had an arsenal of the most practical, most valuable, and the most effective techniques to lucid dream which were working wonderfully well for me.

I ended up perfecting it down to a 30 day system.

Today, with the use of this system of lucid dream induction, I can have 4-5 lucid dreams per week!

By the way, lucid dreaming every single night is extremely difficult and rare to do and you should be skeptical of anyone who promises you such a thing.

Anyway, months later I started showing this system to friends and others who were interested, and received some amazing feedback.

People were experiencing their ‘first ever’ or ‘first in a long time’ lucid dreams and they were ecstatic!

Soon, my system of fast-tracking lucid dream induction was given the name ‘Dream Hacking’.

About a year later and after some heavy convincing from a close friend, I decided to start publicly teaching the Dream Hacking system.

We created an online home study course without much expectation and today…

We have over 4,100 dreamers from over 100 countries enrolled in the course, with more joining every day!

All becoming master Dream Hackers together:

You’re Invited: Hack Your Personal Growth Through the Art of Lucid Dreaming In 30 Days

It has been a humbling experience and I’m incredibly grateful that I summoned the courage to share this step-by-step practical lucid dreaming training with the world.

And today I’d like to invite YOU to enroll in my course and join our Dream Hacking community!

The feedback so far has been amazing…

I love the last one comparing lucid dreaming to virtual reality!

It’s like your own personal virtual reality experience – except it’s better because in virtual reality you can’t get the taste, you can’t get the smell, and it’s too ‘digital’. It’s not as real.

How much would you pay for 1 hour of a great virtual reality experience? The last time I went to try out virtual reality, it was $30 for the hour.

Once you learn it, lucid dreaming is a FREE virtual reality experience almost every night for the rest of your life! And it can go for more than just an hour btw… 2 hours on average.

first lucid dream

Lucid dreaming is like riding a bike, if you can do it once, you can do it again and again. You just need to invest the time in learning how to do it.

So here’s what you’ll get inside this step-by-step program:

  • Over 63 lectures and 3.5 hours of video & audio content
  • Downloadable high quality MP3 audio lectures so you can learn on-the-go
  • 19 lecture based articles with step-by-step instructions
  • Over 100 pages of PDF summary notes for all the lectures
  • Access to a community of over 2,000 Dream Hacking students learning together
  • Lucid dreaming coach guidance & feedback to make sure you achieve your goals (I'm personally answering questions on the discussion board)
  • An official "Dream Hacker" certificate of completion
  • 3 downloadable premium binaural beats MP3s to trigger your nightly lucid dreams
  • Downloadable dream control tools & templates
  • Lifetime Access: Get free unlimited course add-ons & course updates
  • A full downloadable lucid dreaming work out plan PDF to make the whole process very simple
  • iPhone, iPad, & Android Accessibility so you can learn from anywhere
  • Dream Hacking community discussions on lucid dreaming so you can learn from others successes and failures
  • 30 Day “Lucid Dream or Your Money Back” Guarantee.
  • And much more...

By the way, I still haven’t told you the #1 reason that lucid dreaming is by far the greatest productivity and self-improvement hack…

Just by this knowing alone, I was motivated to spend years figuring out how to lucid dream quickly and easily… (You’ll just have to spend days).

This fact makes lucid dreaming a no-brainer.

And it’s all based on the fact that on average, out of the 8 hours most of us spend sleeping, 2 hours are spent dreaming.

Right now we waste those 2 hours but once you learn to lucid dream, that’s 2 hours of your day you would never have before.

2 hours is 8% of your 24-hour day.

8% of a year is approximately ONE MONTH.

That’s one entire month you never had before becoming a lucid dreamer.

And the mind-blowing part…

In 12 years, you just gained an EXTRA YEAR.

Or we can be conservative and we can even cut that in half – so that means every 12 years, you gain 6 months. Still, not bad – that’s an extra half of a year you get to “live”.

In that time… you flew, you practiced your craft, you solved huge problems, you created, you gained insight into who you truly are, and you essentially vacationed almost every night but never left your bed!

How amazing is that!! Can you imagine how much happier you’d be in your overall life? Less problems, more fun, more clarity, more answers, new experiences, more creativity, more awareness, more progress… and the benefits go on.

How much would you invest to not only gain a better, happier life, but also gain an extra year every 12 years?

Seriously, think of the number now. What is this ability worth to you? What is an extra year of your life worth to you?

As a “training program”, this information is worth hundreds of dollars. No question.

If I was offering this as a one-on-one coaching program or a live training program weekend workshop, I would charge at least $800 for it. Probably more.

But because I can offer the entire Dream Hacking 30-Day training to you in an online, home study format, where you can learn from me as if I was sitting right beside you telling you what to do

I’m going to make this program available to you at a price that’s ridiculously low… A price that will make it so that literally anyone can afford to take advantage of it.

Instead of charging hundreds of dollars for this valuable information and training, I’m going to offer you the entire course (with 60+ lectures) for just a one-time investment of $45 – total.

Even if you have just 1 or 2 lucid dreams in your ENTIRE LIFE because of the teachings of this course, that’s STILL worth it.

But I’m guaranteeing you’ll have hundreds, if not thousands of lucid dreams in your life.

This ‘virtual reality’ experience will give you benefits that will make it 100x more worth it than anything you’ve ever imagined. Where else are you EVER going to be able to fly like Superman? Where else are you going to mine the creative ideas buried deep within your subconscious mind?

In fact, it’s likely that this $45 could be the one of the best personal (and professional) investments you’ve ever made in your life (and I’m betting that it will be).

For Tim Ferriss, being able to lucid dream was the reason he “went on to have [his] best career season, which culminated with a more than 20-0 record before the national championships.”

The best part? It’s a $45 investment that makes you look forward and be excited to go to sleep every night for the rest of your life!

And if the low price of only $45 isn’t enough for you, I’m also going to give you the option to completely return the program and get 100% of your money back if you don’t experience your first lucid dream within the next 30 days.

Plus, you can keep all the downloaded material.

Seriously, I know this entire offer must sound ridiculous to you, almost too good to be true, and I know some people will take advantage of me but here’s why I am doing it…

I (and the whole Dream Hacking team), truly believe that the more people in the world who are able to lucid dream, the more our world will be blessed by people who:

  • Let out their inner creativity and gift the world with new inventions, art, and progress
  • Have cultivated an inner happiness and peace that can only come from dealing with internal issues in the safe place of their mind
  • Have greater presence and awareness which is a by-product of practicing lucid dream evoking techniques
  • Are more successful and accomplished in life and contributing to our evolving economy
  • Are on the leading edge of human evolution

Being able to lucid dream has led to incredible growth and a deeper understanding of who I really am…

Not only for me, but for everyone who has gone through this program.

If you want to experience the same benefits for the rest of your life (with no risk on your part)…

Just register for the program today and start watching the videos and applying the techniques.

If you get to the end of the training and aren’t lucid dreaming consistently or haven’t experienced your first lucid dream, or just aren’t 100% satisfied for any reason, all you have to do is hit a refund button. It’s that simple.

We’ll cheerfully give you your money back with no questions, and no hassles.

You’ve obviously got nothing to lose except your wasted nights, your wasted potential, and your lack of productivity.

Here’s What To Do Next…

For now, we’ve hosted the course on the internets best e-learning site called “Udemy”. To register for the Dream Hacking program, just click the blue Register button below and it’ll take you to the course page on Udemy.

Once you get to the course page, hit the “Buy Now” button on the top right. You’ll see a pop up where you can create a username and password that you’ll use to login to the course. Next, fill in your information in the order form and you’ll get immediate access to the training area.

You can then begin by watching the first video.

Register Now

  • Over 63 lectures and 3.5 hours of video & audio content
  • Downloadable high quality MP3 audio lectures so you can learn on-the-go
  • 19 lecture based articles with step-by-step instructions
  • Over 100 pages of PDF summary notes for all lectures
  • Access to a community of over 2,000 Dream Hacking students learning together
  • Lucid dreaming coach guidance & feedback to make sure you achieve your goals (I'm personally answering questions on the discussion boards)
  • An official "Dream Hacker" certificate of completion
  • 3 downloadable premium binaural beats MP3s to trigger your nightly lucid dreams
  • Downloadable dream control tools & templates
  • Lifetime Access: Get free unlimited course add-ons & course updates
  • A full downloadable lucid dreaming work out plan PDF to make the whole process very simple
  • iPhone, iPad, & Android Accessibility so you can learn from anywhere
  • Dream Hacking community discussions on lucid dreaming so you can learn from others successes and failures
  • 30 Day “Lucid Dream or Your Money Back” Guarantee.
  • And much more...

I’ll see you inside,


P.S. One more thing... I'm sorry but now that I've shown you the insane potential and power of lucid dreaming, there's no going back. I know because I've experienced it myself.

From this point on, every morning you wake up not having lucid dreamed the night before, you'll realize you could've been waking up with the perfect insight to take your life to another level, or having just had the most amazing encounter with a success mentor, or having just flown over city skyscrapers.

My bad.