How To Lucid Dream On Demand

Night dreaming

Do You Know How To Have Vivid Lucid Dreams At Will?

Imagine before falling asleep tonight, knowing with 100% certainty that you’re about to go on an amazing adventure…

Imagine being able to lucid dream on demand…

That’s what I’ve spent months and years trying to figure out how to do…

And today… I have the ability to fly in my dreams every night!

It’s amazing… no longer having to “hope” that I have a lucid dream.

The best part? I’m going to show you exactly how you can start lucid dreaming on demand too!

Being able to lucid dream whenever we want is our birthright.

It’s within our control, but as we’ve aged and haven’t practiced it, we’ve simply forgotten how to “wake up to our dreams”.

Even if you have had lucid dreams naturally, you know that it’s only a ‘once in a while’ experience.

You can never really control when you’re going to lucid dream…

You’re often left longing for more… with an empty feeling, hoping to continue that dream the next night!

I’ve been there so many times and it sucks!

It was frustrating because controlling your dreams can be so much fun and productive… at the same time!

(Who wants to waste time sleeping when you can fly or practice playing the piano… or do a million other things!)

So my brother and I went on a mission to figure it all out and we noticed something…

Not sure if you’ve noticed this, but those people who are lucid dreaming almost every night (Dream Hackers) have one thing in common:

They took the time to learn the best of the best techniques to control their dreams.

There’s a lot of information available out there and a lot of people are offering you some tips to lucid dream…

The problem is that no one out there is showing you these techniques in a simple, easy-to-understand, step-by-step fashion…

And most of the time those people teaching you can’t even lucid dream themselves!

They’re just “teaching” you something someone else told them, and that’s why their techniques don’t work… because they leave out key pieces of information that only true lucid dreamers can grasp.

Frustrated, angered, and annoyed with all the bogus information on the internet, I promised myself that once I successfully reclaim my birthright and get to the point of having lucid dreams regularly…

I would give starving dreamers (like myself) the gift of knowing how to practice the art of lucid dreaming in the best way that I know how…

At that point, we felt inspired to go straight to the most reliable teachers of lucid dreaming; buddhist monks who teach Dream Yoga and scientists who research Lucid Dreaming.

Under their mentorship, I started off having 2 lucid dreams per week. Then 3, then 4, then 5.

Today, I have the ability to go to sleep every night, looking forward to exploring the universe inside my mind…

And I love it!

The best part? I kept my promise to myself and to all the starving dreamers out there…

With the help of my brother, I created a lucid dreaming training online video course that I personally guarantee, is unmatched by any other “lucid dreaming advice” out there.

The course is called “How To Lucid Dream In 30 Days Or Less” and today, we have a community of over 1,400 dreamers who have joined the course to learn how to lucid dream all the time and on-demand!

It’s been an amazing ride so far and I’d like to invite you to join us!

Word has spread and our training is now known as the “Dream Hacking system of lucid dream induction.”

This training is specifically designed for anyone who wants to learn how to lucid dream whenever they want, however much they want, in an easy, step-by-step format…

Our complete course covers all of the fundamentals needed to become a regular lucid dreamer…

And you will learn it all in the easiest, fastest way possible. By learning how to:

  • Recognize that you're dreaming once you're in a dream
  • Stay in control and not quickly wake up once in a lucid dream
  • Make your dreams more clear, more like real life
  • Meet your dream characters, connect with your subconscious mind and receive life-changing insights
  • Make the most of your lucid dream adventure by flying, or practicing real-life physical skills, or overcoming all real-life fears and anxieties...
  • We can go on and on... there's so much more!

You will learn all of this because you’ll have life-time access to:

  • Over 63 lectures and 6.5 hours of video content of me personally guiding you through the training
  • Downloadable high quality MP3 audio lectures so you can learn from anywhere you want
  • Over 100 pages of PDF summary notes for each lecture so you can read and absorb the information better
  • A community of over 1,400 dreamers so you can learn from other people's mistakes and successes
  • Lucidity expert guidance & quick feedback to make sure you achieve your goals and get all your questions answered
  • 3 downloadable premium binaural beats MP3s ($27 Value) to help you achieve more lucidity, better sleep, and greater awareness
  • Downloadable dream control tools & templates to help you speed up the process
  • Free unlimited course add-ons & updates so you can always stay in the loop of the next best techniques and tips
  • A full downloadable lucid dreaming workout plan to make learning how to lucid dream regularly extremely quick and easy
  • iPhone, iPad, & Android accessibility so you can watch or hear lectures from anywhere you want
  • Community discussions on lucid dreaming so you can post your roadblocks and have a thousand other people ready to help you
  • A 30 Day "Lucid Dream or Your Money Back" Guarantee so you have nothing to lose to just try the course and if you don't like it, get your money back immediately
  • And much, much more...

I know what you’re thinking – this course sounds expensive.

We’ve poured our heart and soul into this course to help you lucid dream all the time… and we don’t want money to stop you from achieving this lifelong skill!

Which is why for a short while, we’re giving this course away for a steal…

If you were to get this course straight from the course page, you would get the course for $95 (US) for lifetime access to everything listed above… which is a massive bargain for EVERYTHING you get!

And guess what… for as long as coupon codes remain, we’re giving HUGE discount off to anyone reading this post…

Yes.. that’s a ridiculous price of only $25 for the entire online video training!


That’s $25 for all the insights and wisdom we received from the most reputable lucid dreaming mentors!

That’s $25 to be able to lucid dream on demand… for the rest of your life!

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Keep in mind that I always answer EVERY question in the community discussion board.

Don’t forget to check out course reviews and see what our current students think of the course:

Today, virtual reality is the thing. It’s what many are looking forward to bringing into our everyday lives. But I think lucid dreaming is like the ultimate virtual reality that we all have access to, but don’t know how to unlock. This course will give you keys to unlock it, forever. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in escaping into the world of lucid dreaming.  – Titus Philip

Great course. A must for those seeking deeper meaning of their dreams, or wishing to have profound control over their subconscious. I’m a student of Health Sciences and this information is very accurate and applicable. Excellent work, keep it up. – Naeem Maredia

“Lucid Dreaming is one of the best experiences a person can ever go through. Unfortunately, achieving a state of dream lucidity is pretty difficult using standard approaches, which often yield low success rates. “Lucid Dreaming: Control Your Dreams In 30 Days Or Less” by Arnov Rahman takes you by hand on how to experience your first lucid dream and moves you up the ladder from there on. If you are looking for a hands on course on lucid dreaming, you have just found it. The techniques explained here are more detailed than anything I have ever read on the subject, which will help anyone to achieve regular lucid dreams – even if you never had one before. The course took me step by step from the most basic to the most advanced techniques using an easy to follow approach. It explains in a straightforward tone the best ways to fall into a lucid dream and basically have total control in your dreams to anything you want! This is by far the best course available on the market to induce lucid dreaming.” – Dave G.

Click here to read more student reviews (scroll to the bottom).

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Once you’re done this course, you will be going to sleep every night, knowing you’re about to start controlling your dreams.

If you spend only 15 minutes a day for the next 30 days practicing the Dream Hacking system of lucid dream induction, you will not only have your first lucid dream (if you’ve never had one before)…

But you will also know how to keep having them over and over and over and over. Guaranteed.

If you don’t, email us and we’ll personally help you out…

And eventually if you don’t think the course is for you, we’ll even refund you 100% of your money… and you can KEEP all the downloaded material!

Why are we making such a ridiculous offer that could hurt us?

Because we know that you’ll have so much fun controlling your dreams by the time you’re done this course, the only email you’ll be sending us will be saying “thank you”!

You need this course if you:

  • Want to experience all the things that are 'impossible' in real life
  • Want to improve yourself mentally, spiritually, and emotionally (lucid dreaming originated over 1,000 years ago as a spiritual practice)
  • Want to make the most of 1/3 of your day you spend sleeping

I promise you, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better place to start lucid dreaming than with this course.

Normally this course would cost you $95. A steal considering most lucid dreaming coaches out there charge 10x as much and don’t let you learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, or with a community of over a thousand other dreamers…

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Plus once you learn how to lucid dream, you can’t unlearn it. It’s like riding a bicycle…

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[Please Note: We can only give away a certain number of codes. Once they’re gone, the deal is over.]

Now is the time to start exploring your dream world, to start discovering the hidden universe inside your mind.

Don’t sleep through this opportunity…

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Arnov R. | Course Instructor