19 Reasons To Start Lucid Dreaming Tonight

Lucid dreaming is likely one of the most valuable, yet most underrated skills of our time…

We spend 11% of our life dreaming (about 40 days a year – which is about an entire month and a half!).

Yet, we use that valuable, precious time dreaming ‘by default’. Some of us don’t even remember our dreams at all.

Once you start lucid dreaming and start controlling your dreams and shaping your dream environments according to your will…

You open up yourself to a whole world of possibilities! A virtual reality playground that you can access every night!

Here are 20 unique activities that you can do in your lucid dreams.

1. Practice Physical Skills

Ever wanted to learn martial arts, guitar, or salsa?

Lucid dreaming can be an effective way to train, practice, and develop new skills.

One of our lucid dreaming instructors practices break-dancing in his lucid dreams.

Harvard Business Review (HBR) has an article highlighting a research study where they tested the effectiveness of practicing physical skills in real life versus in a lucid dream.

The physical activity they chose to test was the ability to toss coins into a cup from a distance of 2 meters.

The gist of the study was that practicing while awake produced the most improvement. However, training in lucid dreams was also a very effective way to train:

  • Participants who only practiced while awake saw a 15% increase in improvement.
  • Participants who only practiced in their lucid dreams saw an 8% increase in improvement
  • The control group that didn't practice only saw a 0.5% improvement

Do you want to be the best at something?

Do you think your competition is going to be training or practicing in their dreams?

Click here to read the entire HBR article.

2. Overcome Social Anxiety

Do you panic when faced with social situations?

In psychology one of the most powerful therapies is exposure therapy.

In exposure therapy, patients are exposed to their feared object or context in a safe environment in order to overcome their anxiety.

More tech savvy psychologists even hook their patients up to virtual reality simulators so they can learn to relax in stressful environments.

Lucky for us, lucid dreams are the ultimate virtual reality simulator! There are no limits in your self-created dream universe.

If you suffer from social anxiety, you might be too nervous to practice your social skills at a party.

Instead, you can create a lucid dream environment where you are free to practice overcoming your fears, all while knowing that everyone you encounter is but a creation of your own mind.

Why does this work?

Since lucid dreams are so vivid, our brains have difficulty telling the difference between the dream and waking state.

Therefore, any positive social experiences you have in your dreams will also increase your confidence in the waking world.

3. Play Out Your Favorite
Fiction Books

There are certain novels or movies that captivate our imagination.

Rather than simply experiencing them through a book or on screen, you can interact with them in 3D.

Visit Hogwarts or King's Landing for yourself. Interact with your favorite characters and go on crazy adventures!

In a lucid dream, it's all possible.

4. Run Super Fast!

Believe it or not, the thrill of flying, running, or roof-jumping are different in their own way.

You can never really know until you actually do it, but running at extreme speeds in your dreams can be super fun!

5. Access Childhood Memories

You have a treasure trove of past memories in your subconscious mind.

Lucid dreaming can be a great way to access these hidden memories, explore them, and gain insight into your present day reality - almost every night.

Also, you're not limited to just your childhood memories...

Can you think some of your own most memorable and positive past moments?

How would you like to re-live them whenever you want in your lucid dreams?

6. Breathe Underwater

You don't need scuba gear, just dive right in and swim through coral reefs or the deep ocean.

If you can't swim or are terrified of going in the water, your dreams can be a fun way to get started.

Once you get the hang of "dream swimming", try swimming with sharks or do flips with dolphins!

7. Drive Your Dream Car

Is a Lamborghini out of your budget? No worries, go for a spin in your lucid dreams!

Race along the famous Nurburgring track, or speed along the coast of Southern California.

Best of all, you don't need to worry about accidents or getting pulled over by the cops.

8. Meet Your Favorite Celebrities

Let's face it - for most of us, it's highly unlikely that we'll be able to interact with our favourites celebrities in real life without being hit with a restraining order.

But don't worry, in your dreams you can spend as much time as you want with them (without worrying about the legal complications).

9. Travel Back In Time

If you love history, why not visit ancient Egypt or Rome and experience it for yourself?

Obviously, you can't literally time travel, and the places you visit won't be exactly how these ancient places were like (after all, your dreams are formed from your own knowledge and expectations).

However, lucid dreaming can be a fun way to imagine what life was like for those who lived in ancient times.

See the Pyramids or the Coliseum when they were freshly built, and meet the famous kings and emperors.

Or you can project yourself into the future!

Travel forward to the year 3000.

How do you imagine human beings to be? What do their cities look like?

Why not even live in your future city? Some dream hackers find it fun to regularly visit a particular city where they've literally created their "dream life".

It's interesting because some are kings and rule their dream world, whereas others are students and seekers of knowledge in their dream world.

What would your role be?

10. Visualize Your Dream Life

Do you have big "dreams"? Maybe you want to retire early, buy a new house, or go on 6 vacations a year.

Whatever success looks like to you, you can experience just as tangibly, in your lucid dreams.

As you make your way to your goals in real waking life, it can be helpful to visualize them.

Success gurus everywhere constantly preach the importance of visualization and how it's a powerful tool to get you closer to your accomplishments.

One reason visualization is an effective tool is because by living and seeing your dream life in your mind, you trigger the appropriate emotions which inspire you to take action, to work harder, and to act smarter.

You won't know which direction to go towards, unless you know your destination.

Rather than closing your eyes and visualizing success like you're watching a movie on a TV screen in 2D, you are able to visualize your success on a 3D level in a lucid dream.

Essentially if you're a lucid dreamer, you can jump into the movie itself.

Waking up from tasting that success, how motivated would you feel in the morning? How eager would you be to get working?

Think about your own personal success picture now...

You've achieved your biggest goal in life - who are you as a result? What are you doing and what do you have?

That picture, is where you can go almost every night.

Not only is that fun - but it benefits you greatly!


11. Do Creative Problem Solving

Famous lucid dreamers currently and throughout history have often claimed to retrieve insightful solutions from their dreams.

Is there a problem at work, home, or school that you just can't seem to solve?

Lucid dreaming can be powerful for creative problem solving, because in a lucid dream we have greater access to our subconscious mind.

For example, a cool trick if you are struggling with a science problem is that you can conjure up Einstein or Sir Isaac Newton to help you.

The answers ultimately come from you, but this tactic frees you from self-limiting beliefs you have about your own knowledge and abilities.

12. Travel Through Space

There have been rapid advancements in the last few years with rocket technology. However, we are probably still a few decades away from commercial space travel.

In the mean time, why not visit the Milky Way and other galaxies in your dreams!

13. Taste Your Favorite Foods

Are you on a diet, but crave junk food?

Try eating your favourite meals in your dreams!

The best part: zero calories.

14. Improve Your Dating Skills

This is an area a lot of people struggle with. It's normal.

However, this particular area of life can be a great source of anxiety, shame, and guilt.

Lucid dreaming can be a safe way to get started on improving your dating life.

Practice asking out your dream woman/man in your dreams.

Rehearse how you would handle yourself on a date.

Keep in mind that lucid dreaming should not be seen as a substitute for interacting with your dream woman/man while awake!

It's a tool you can use to accelerate your success in your waking life by having a safe place to test out new behaviors.

15. Parkour, Free-run, and Jump Buildings

The reality is that parkour is very difficult (and potentially very painful!).

How much fun it would be to do all that you watched in the video when you know you can't get hurt!

Imagine how cool it would be to jump from rooftop to rooftop. Thankfully in a lucid dream you don't need to worry about breaking your legs or anything at all when doing 16 backflips off a building.

16. Experience Your Favorite Video Game

There's been a lot of talk recently about expensive virtual gaming systems, but you don't really need one.

In fact, you already own the most powerful virtual gaming system in the world... your mind.

You have access to playing Grand Theft Auto, or Call of Duty of Duty while you sleep! In fact, you can even experience the game's first-person 3D reality in your dreams.

17. Become Your Favorite Superhero

You don't need to be from Krypton like Superman or a genius billionaire like Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne to be a superhero.

In your dreams you can wear your favorite suit and have any power you want.

18. Talk To Your Dream Psychiatrist

We all have problems (some more than others).

Sometimes, it can be helpful to talk with someone.

Who better than your own subconscious mind manifesting itself as a trustworthy psychiatrist?

Best part is that there is complete doctor patient confidentiality - and it's free.

19. Visit Your Dream Destination (Pun Intended)

Got the winter blues?

Visit your favorite destination while you dream; Paris, Rome, Bali, Peru, etc.

If you're extremely busy, lucid dreaming can allow you to take a mini vacation every time you sleep.

BONUS: 20. Practice Your Public
Speaking Skills

 “According to most studies, people's number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two. Does that sound right? This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you're better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.” ― Jerry Seinfeld

The only major way to get over the fear of public speaking is through practice.

Lucid dreaming can offer a safe environment to test out your speeches before doing them in your waking life.

Have you ever wanted to be able to speak in front of a group of people with complete confidence, clarity, humor, and impact?

Maybe you just want to be prepared for those times that inevitably come up for all of us, where we have to do a presentation at work, or say a few words at a gathering...

If you have the ability to lucid dream, you can wisely spend the nights prior to your speeches, practicing and putting yourself in front of the audience you already know you will have to face.

Your Turn

What are your favorite reasons to lucid dream? What did we miss?

Let us know in the comments below!